Where I am?

What’s in a Vesper?  Aviation?  Stone Sour?  Tell me about the weather in 1986 in St. Estephe.

These were all questions at last year’s Master’s exam.

In fact, I actually wrote that first line last year on February 25th as soon as I left the service portion of the examination.

I now go back to it, and answer the question with confidence and enthusiasm.

A Vesper, you ask, a cocktail loved by Bond, James Bond, that is.  Gin, Vodka, Lillet served with a twist, one of my favorites, of course.

Aviation…I’d be honored to tell you the ingredients.  I am from North Carolina, you know.  Home of Wilbur and Orville Wright.

An Aviation has a base of gin, dusted with lemon juice and maraschino cherry liqueur.  The original recipe also included Creme de Violette.

And now, for a delicious Stone Sour.  Take Apricot Brandy, pour it in a short glass filled with ice and mix with sour mix (equal parts lemon juice and simple syrup).

Now, you thought a Whiskey Sour was good, just try a Stone Sour to knock your socks off.

Chateau Lafon Rochet…4th Growth of St. Estephe on the left bank.

One of my very favorites.  1986 is an underrated vintage, especially for Cabernet-based wines.  The ’86 Lafon Rochet is harmonious and lush with beautiful flavors of cassis, graphite and smoke.  A perfect match to pair with the Crispy Pork Belly on tonight’s menu.

Twenty-seven days til I go back to do it again.

Hopefully, this time successfully.

Say your prayers, send good thoughts, cross your fingers.  Do whatever it is you do when you want your team to win.

Do all that so I can study.

Study and study and study so that I can come back to Tarboro a Master Sommelier.

Until then, I will be blogging like the wine geek that I am.

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  • Hi Inez!! I just was on your website to “quickly” get your phone # and now I’ve been immersed in your blog, your unbelievable wine list and your menus! It’s almost lunch time and I’m starving. Anyway, best BEST wishes for you on your exam!!! Your website is great. I’ll call in a minute about all the details for April!!

    Take care,

    Patricia Suggs

  • Sandra Livesay

    Prayers, prayers & prayers!!

  • Prayers, good thoughts, positive energy all coming your way plus crossing my fingers, lighting a candle, rubbing a four-leaf clover, and throwing salt over my shoulder. (Not that any of that is really necessary. You’re going to do GREAT!)