What to Give for Christmas?

As you can imagine, many people are visiting our wine store asking what to give as Christmas gifts for employers, mere  acquaintances, business associates and friendly neighbors.  In other words, gifts for people who they may not know as well and/or may definitely not know their tastes in wine.

Ah, the beauty of wine as a gift.  You can give a bottle, any bottle of wine, and if the recipient doesn’t drink it, they can certainly regift it.  Maybe not for the holidays, but as a housewarming gift or a token of appreciation to someone else or as a bottle to open when the guests arrive for dinner.  These are several reasons why wine is the perfect gift.

Another reason why wine is a great gift:  you can get bottles for as little as $7 a bottle or as much as thousands of dollars a bottle.  You may want to get a little something for the person in your office who always shares her lunch with you or the one who wrote a letter of recommendation for your daughter who is dying to go to UNC-Chapel Hill next Fall.  Whatever the reason or whoever the recipient, wine comes in all styles, all types of bottles and all price tags.

Some great gift ideas for you this Holiday Season:

Duval Leroy Lady Rose NV Half-Bottle–pink bubbly from Champagne that is beautiful to look at in the glass and just as pretty to drink–for that cute little number in the office who likes to have a good time after work. $27

Working Girl White from Olympic Cellars–a blend of Riesling & Chardonnay from Washington, this crisp, light white is yummy on the palate and a great gift for that hard-working woman who deserves a bottle, maybe two. $9

Foxglove Chardonnay–a Central Coast Chard that has no oak treatment or malolactic fermentation but is creamy and lush with a pure expression of fruit; for those who enjoy a nice Macon-Villages or St. Veran; is not gender specific. $14

Riondo Pinot Grigio–one of the best Pinot Grigios I have tasted from Italy in this price range, maybe a good idea to get a case so you can have some for yourself. $13

Bacchus Cabernet Sauvignon–if you know David Gordon, wine personality extraordinaire, you know this wine. An excellent example of this full-bodied grape, at $15/bottle, they will think they received a gift that is double the price.  Also, very rare and exclusive, maybe distributed in 4-5 states, total.  $15

Dominio de Eguren Protocolo–a Grenache blend from Tierra de la Castilla, this peppery red is $7/bottle and one of THE best wines I have tasted in this price range.  $7

Blank Family Cabernet Sauvignon–the big dogs of Cabernet…for that person you may want to wish the merriest Christmas to.  A cellar wine, a collector’s item, an age-worthy red that is delicious now but will age for the next 7-10 years. $130

Klein Constantia Vin de Constance–a dessert wine from South Africa that is precious and rare in its own right.  Comes in a 500 ml bottle, this is a great gift to give with a bag of peanut brittle. $52

Happy Holidays All!

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