What to do in the 11th Inning?

Not that I don’t love baseball or the Yankees, but give me a break already.

My husband would probably leave me for dead if I ever uttered those blasphemous words about not enjoying every minute of the playoffs, but these 10, 11 and 12 inning games are absolutely killing my wine league.

The league, which begins each night at 7:45 when the kids are all snuggly in their beds and mama can get her drink on all in the name of blogging about what sips great with supper, is, as you can imagine, a big deal for me.
So, here I am, halfway into my game with no one to talk to about these delicious wines that hit home runs with the bases loaded.

Firstly, Robert Sinskey’s Abraxus 2008, an Alsatian blend that has flavors of peach skin, gardenia, and great minerality.  It reminds me of Jeter’s smile, sultry and sexy with an alluring edge.  A blend of Pinot Gris, Gewurztraminer, Pinot Blanc and Riesling, this wine knocks my socks (hopefully, RED SOX) off and it drinks deliciously with Hummus or any other dish influenced by Mediterranean flavors.  It ain’t cheap, but it’s like watching the game from behind home plate, well-worth-it.

7th Inning Stretch, I’m on to the Clos Mimi Petite Rousse 2007, Syrah from Paso Robles.  Intense and raisinated yet dry and inky on the finish, it’s the definition of big league.  It’s also the perfect wine to sip as I hear my husband scream about the Yankees’ loss to the Angels.  It’s big and bold and strong to make me feel secure as I sip alone.  Maybe this whole play-off thing isn’t such a big deal afterall.

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