What kind of wine day will it be?

Call me a wino, but when I wake up in the morning, I begin my strategy of what wine I will drink as soon as the time comes. If I’m on vacation, I think about lunch. Would a crisp, slightly effervescent Vinho Verde do the trick or am I in the mood for a full-bodied rose from Spain to drink with my juicy pimento cheeseburger? Those vacation days are, of course, the best because I know whatever I miss at lunch, I can incorporate into my dinner menu.
Now, the days where I am not on vacation, I plan on dinner. If it’s a Sunday or a Monday, I know I can start at 5 p.m. I almost always say sparkling has to kick it off, and my value sparkling of choice is Cava, specifically Segura Viudas or its restaurant label, Aria. Yummy! Full of teeny tiny bubbles and green apple flavors, it is the perfect beginning to my wine-filled evening.
With the exception of Cava, I really don’t like to drink anything twice as I feel it is my job to drink as many wines as possible so that I can be even more helpful when making recommendations…see blog #1. I do not discriminate when it comes to wine choices for my personal consumption because I truly believe every wine has a human element to it, therefore there is some good in all wine.
But that’s another blog altogether.
The real question is what kind of wine day is it today, October 16th, 2009?
I’m thinking Michel Tete’s Julienas 2007, a cru Beaujolais that screams it’s fall and it’s time to act like it. Full of bing cherry and bruleed bananas, this is not your sister’s Beaujolais. This wine is intense and wild, with an affinity for creole risotto or pork loin chop. Cannot wait for tonight, wish it were here already.

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