Under the Gun but not on the Ball.

So I’ve missed some major blogging in the past week, and I do apologize.  It isn’t that I haven’t had anything to write about, it’s that I have had my nose in a book studying obscure and not-so-obscure wine info every waking moment.  The good news is I seem to be absorbing, the bad news is I’m not blogging.

Blind tasting today of six wines.  Nailed New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, recognized Chardonnay although called it California and it was actually Argentina.  Viognier from France I called Albarino, and the reds I bombed on completely.  While not satisfying, I felt like I got a great deal out of the tasting.

On Sunday, I fly to Napa for an crash-course wine training called Rudd Round Table.  Very excited to go there and study with the best of the best.  Very honored I have this opportunity.

Before I leave, I will take an online exam as part of a Best Sommelier competition.  Pretty cool to take a wine test that will hopefully keep me on my toes for the real test in February.

These next 30 days are going to be stressful and intense, but I think I am ready.  Keep the faith, and I vow to write more often, even if it’s short like this one.

Cheers everybody.

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