Unconditional Love

“Did you win, Mama?”

“No, baby, I didn’t.”

Quiet.  No comments.  No reaction.

“I’m sorry, honey, I didn’t win.”

No comment.  No reaction.  No nothing.

I say it again.  “I’m sorry, honey, I didn’t pass.  I didn’t do it.  I lost.”

Again, no comment.   No reaction.

I look in the backseat.

My Cynthia, my daughter.  My miracle child born on September 12th.

She’s in the backseat looking at a piece of plastic she’s found on the floor.

“Did you  hear me, honey?”

No response.

“Did you hear me?” I say again.

She looks up at me with the biggest smile I’ve ever seen.

“I’m so glad you’re home,” she says.

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  • Mike

    you are a winner to us…and we are winners because we have you…and i know we are all glad to have you home too…


    we love you, are so proud of you and are soo glad you are home too!! xxx zelle, john and jack

  • Jim Sessoms,Fayetteville, GA

    Sorry it it didn’t work out but might be good to remember the “out of the mouths of babes” thingy. All is not lost. Be at peace and focus on making a great thing even “more better”.

  • Frank and Dana

    And so are we!

  • Mike

    you are a winner to us…and we are winners because we have you in our lives…and we are all happy to have you home…

  • Burton Holderness

    I love you and am so glad you’re home too. We missed you.

  • Cynthia Boylan

    You won a long time ago!!!

    We love you,

    Cynt-Cynt and George

  • As your aunt Cynthia and I have said to each other many times, it will all work out. Everyone is so proud of you.

  • Christie Dufault

    Inez, with all do sincere, friendship respect, “I lost” is not what you say to your child after taking the Master Sommelier exam. YOU DID NOT LOSE. You worked, you went, you conquered. You WON by having the courage to go do it. You know you are a better sommelier for attempting it, pass or not pass. Let Cynthia’s smile remind you not only of how happy she is to have you home, but also of her own little person pride.

  • Sandra Livesay

    How sweet it is to have such a soulmate!

  • Edoardo


  • ekm

    wow! talk about bringing tears to your eyes!!