This One’s for You

So, I haven’t written lately which I really don’t like.  The more time between blogs, the more pressure I put on myself to make sure I write something super meaningful.

Lately, I’ve been tasting a ton of wine, but I haven’t been contemplating and studying as I should.  The punishment:  I don’t have anything to write about or explain to the loyal readers who support my journalistic habit.

In fact, recently, my eldest cousin asked me to call him because he had a great idea for a blog.  Of course, three weeks after receiving his email, I check his facebook page to find the number where I can call him to get some ideas.

Interestingly enough, when I visit Jay’s page, two photographs on his wall catch my eye. Both are photographs capturing the sunrise in the morning.

Amazingly beautiful and incredibly moving, I feel compelled to write.

Stephen and I bought a house in Tarboro almost exactly two years ago.  We bought a business in Tarboro almost exactly nine years ago.  Both are our life homes.  We live in our house with expectations of staying there forever.  We work at On the Square in hopes of being there until we are unable to work any longer.

When I wake up in the morning, the sun is on my right.  It peaks through the clouds, and without any hesitation, I say to myself, “This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.”

That sunrise and that verse wake me up each morning.  It may wake me up to get my kids dressed and ready for school or it may get me up to make sure we are all ready for a day at the fair or a weekend of camping.  Whatever our goals are, the sunrise out my window gives me a sense of hope and excitement.

My friends, wine is another type of sunrise.  It is a beverage made from grapes (and sometimes other fruit) that wakes up the senses.  Whether it be white, red, rose or sparkling, wine is a reason to rejoice.

When I come home at night and think about the day that has almost ended, I drink a glass of wine.

And then I drink another.  And sometimes, another after that.

My children and I read.  My husband and I cook and eat and savor.  My dog comes inside and smells the trashcan.

The day may not have been great.   In fact, the day may have been downright horrible.

However, the day was still a day.  And at the end of the day, we came home to a place that was safe and enjoyed some delicious nectar.

It makes me remember the sunrise that started my morning and the delicious glass of wine I enjoyed before I see the next one.

For that, I am grateful.  Grateful for sun that warms the grapes to make the juice we can drink as the sun sets.

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  • It is bliss to be grateful.

  • Cathy Marshall

    and we all said…..amen…..