Summer of Riesling

How I love thee, let me count the ways.  You are perfect to drink when there is nothing to eat.   You are in your own, total glory when arugula, green curry, jalapenos or juicy steak is at hand.  Whatever is on the plate, you seem to know exactly what to wear, and as if US Magazine was there photographing, you steal the show with your style and your ability to make elegance out of ineptness.

From the rednecks to the newbies to the collectors to the doting sommelier, Riesling is friends, best friends, that is, to all.

From the great state of North Carolina to our mates in Australia, Riesling continues to wow wine drinkers as those who have already learned, nothing tastes better with food, or alone than this noble grape.

Of course, as your popularity gains, we must remember your birthplace, the country that loved you first.

Germany, the Mosel, to be precise.  And when we think of the Mosel, we think of purity.  We think of slate.  We think of spring rain, fresh pears, green apples and acidity that makes your motor run.  I get all juiced up just thinking about the Mosel, and as many wines as there are from this area that I absolutely love, I have to honor the man (and I mean, “the man”) who didn’t just go to New York City to serve his wines or San Francisco to trick his trade, but the man who left the spice route and went to Tarboro, North Carolina, a town misunderstood, yet completely in awe of what Riesling can do and how it can reform.

Just like the pagan who finds the Lord, Riesling makes believers out of those who say they don’t drink the juice and those who say red is the only wine to sip.  In one case, Dr. Richter found his followers, or should I say, the disciples found him, when a wine dinner occurred in a small, rural town in eastern North Carolina.  From his Sekt to his Kabinetts to his Eiswein, the menu took turns and even off-roaded a bit to show that any dish can be paired with this magnificent grape turned wine.

If you’re eating at Hearth, On the Square or Terroir, you already know about how great the Mosel is and what awesome acidity is achieved.  You may also know that Dr. Richter is an incredible intellectual who is super passionate about his wines and his winemaking.  Pick a dish, pick any dish.  Pair it with the Graacher Himmelreich or the Brauneberger Juffer Kabinett.  See the magic, feel the magic, taste the magic, and enjoy off-roading.

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