Summer of Riesling 2011

It is with great pride and joy that I inform you On the Square is participating in the Summer of Riesling 2011.

What’s that, you say?  Summer of Riesling? Sounds awfully sweet to me.

Well, it is sweet.  Sweet, as in awesome. 

Until September 21st, On the Square, along with many restaurants all over the country, will pour Riesling in hommage to the most noble of grapes.

It is my privilege to offer Riesling from all areas of the world, not just Germany.  In fact, we enjoy pouring one from Central Otago in New Zealand, another from Bio Bio in Chile and of course, my local favorite, Shelton Vineyards from the Yadkin Valley. 

The Riesling contingency is big in this part of the world, and I am proud to say our list of Rieslings started the summer with a bang as all of our customers have been extremely supportive and mucho thirsty.

When we seat our diners, we hand them a piece of paper outlining our Summer of Riesling motto.  It looks a little bit like this:

So you think you know what Riesling is like, do you?  Then why take our suggestions?  I mean if you already know that it’s sweet, then why drink a glass when you don’t like sweet?

O.K. for those who have kept reading, let’s start with the basics:

1.  Riesling can be dry.

In fact, Riesling can be bone dry.  Just try the Cono Sur from Chile or the Pike’s from Australia…not a touch of residual sugar in

 either of them.

2.  Riesling is the single best wine to pair with food.

And we don’t just mean food with spice or tang.  We mean it pairs well with a juicy steak or green tomatoes.  In fact, if you want to find a wine that can match every dish on your table, just let us pour you a bottle of Riesling.  You’ll be shocked at its versatility and amazing ability to pair well with every single type of flavor. 

3.  Summer of Riesling 2011, Tarboro, NC

On the Square is offering Rieslings of all styles in hopes of showing our part of the world just how awesome Riesling really is.  No pressure, no hard feelings, no bad tastes, just an awesome opportunity to try as many Rieslings as you can.

And now, get your drink on!


Ressi Secco, Mosel, Germany 6 Sparkly

Cono Sur, Bio Bio, Chile 5 Dry

Next, Washington State 6 Off-dry

Childress, Yadkin Valley, NC 6 Off-dry

Sun Garden, Mosel, Germany 6 Off-dry

Mohua, New Zealand 8 Dry

Pike’s, Australia 9 Dry

Knebel Trocken, Mosel, Germany 10 Off-dry

Gunther Steinmetz Riesling Spatlese, Mosel, Germany 12 Off-dry

In case you don’t have the opportunity to come to On the Square this summer, check out for a full list of restaurants supporting the Riesling cause.  These are winos devoted to showing the world just how delicious Riesling can be, in all styles, from sparkling to dry to off-dry to super sweet. 

If you want to see a pretty cute clip, check out my video to see just how excited my children are about our Riesling-filled summer:  Ribustello Kids Love Summer of Riesling

Riesling everybody, it’s more than you think.

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