So Far Behind

Yes, On the Square’s birthday came and went, and I was by no where even close to finishing the story of how we came to be.

Did something happen?

No, not really, unless you count life.  Life keeps happening to me, and as it does, I forget to blog.

On the Square is still serving food and wine in its normal capacity, but my time to myself is a great deal more crowded than it has ever been.  I guess a five-year-old boy and an eight-year-old girl will do that.

Going back to September 2004, the month and year our first child was born.

I had left Borgata in July, and Burton, the same sister who had driven me up for the interview, came back to chauffeur me back down a year and a half later.

Who would have thought Stephen could handle Tarboro all my himself, with no native wife to help?

I make joke, but the truth is, while Stephen was in my hometown running our restaurant in its best state, he was making many friends along the way.  My parents still believe it was a wonderful thing to have him in our town where our friends could get to know him without his overbearing wife beside him to hog the conversation.

So, here I come back to T-town, eight months pregnant and larger than life.  Our hours of operation for dinner had changed to Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings, and the four young girls working in the front with me were all new employees, Stephen’s excellent hires.  With the exception of Burton, my sister, who so dutifully worked when we were short staffed.

Another new and exciting revelation:  Stephen had invested in a Point of Sale, so that was another phenomenon beginning as I made my way home.

It didn’t take long to feel like I could contribute to our venture.  There was plenty to do, and Frances and Stephen genuinely wanted me around, a nice feeling for the large pregnant lady.

I worked until Saturday, September 11th, and at fifteen minutes until midnight, Stephen and I drove to Heritage Hospital so that I could be induced.

Our beautiful daughter was born, and three weeks later, I started full time at On the Square, ready to get the ball rolling on business and how to make On the Square a raging success.

With the help of a stellar staff and tons of heartfelt love, we bonded together to move forward on all four cylinders.

Enter 2005:  the most logical next step for our dinner service would be a fully stocked liquor bar.  Wine and beer were great for Stephen and me, but there were many would-be customers who needed their Gin and Tonics.  Not to mention, the elderly ladies who were coming in with my Nana were bootlegging airplane bottles of Vodka and pouring them into their water underneath the table.

Yes, liquor was more expensive with permits and actual inventory, not to mention we would have to employ a real bartender, but it was a move we needed to make, and so, in May of 2005, On the Square became a place where not only could you have a class of wine or a cold beer, but you could now also, as they say in the south, have a drink.

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  • “Have a drink” … a lovely Southern colloquialism.
    I believe I will.
    Bullett Rye with a splash.
    Thank you very much, Inie.