Plugging along…Days 3 & 4 combined

As we journey together along the master sommelier wine route, you will find Thursday, Friday and Saturday to be less consistent when it comes to blogging.  The reason being, these are the nights I work in the restaurant selling wine, of course, but also clearing tables, yelling at the cold station and pleasing customers (hopefully).  Sometimes, when work is over, it’s all I can do to drink my Chimay and drive home, but there are other nights, like tonight, when I can hole up in the office and blog until my heart’s content.

So, yesterday was where I was to begin, and in most Thursday fashion, it was a hectic and hurried day with no serious blind tasting orchestrated by my husband.  However, as fate would have it, one of our favorite winos from Pennsylvania was visiting his son, and he brought two reds for me to blind taste.  The first one I guessed as left bank Bordeaux from the esteemed 2000 vintage turned out to be Beringer Private Reserve 1991 and the second wine that, unfortunately, I never gave a guess because it got too busy was Chateau Lynch Bages 1989, a fifth growth from Pauillac. 

Again, a humbling blind tasting, but at least the questions on were pretty good to me.

1.  What is the grape in Savennierres?

2.  Where is Snipes Mountain AVA?

3.  What is a Chai?

Aces in the hole, and I feel pretty good. 

Friday, today.

My children sleep until 7:00 a.m. every morning except the mornings after I work at night.  My devilish son took this night to wake up at least three times between when I got home and 6:30 a.m.  When I finally succombed and put him in bed with me, I slept awkwardly with his left foot in my jugular.  It was awesome.

At 6:30, the two angels and I woke up, and the day has not calmed down until right about now.

Same wine customer came in tonight and blinded me on Ridge Montebello Chardonnay 2006 and La Jota Cabernet Franc 1994.  Guessed Sonoma Chard for the white and spicy Cab from I don’t know where for the La Jota.  Although not a fun tasting for me, the sweet customer left me the rest of the La Jota to share and drink at the end of the night.  Yum yum. 

Needless to say, I am tired.  Tired but not beaten.  Off to study and find a beer.

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