My love for all things sweet

I adore dessert wine and I don’t care what anyone else says. It is the ultimate ending to a meal, and I take pride in finding any and all examples to sell by the glass and enjoy with or without certain foods.

Just recently, I got very excited about Vin de Constance from Klein Constantia in South Africa. Made from a clone of Muscat, it is not fortified yet intensely sweet with unbelievable flavors of burnt orange and honey. It drinks incredibly well with carrot cake, but a couple of weeks ago, we discovered its affinity for caramel cake and peanut brittle ice cream.

Of course, it’s also fun to recommend stickies on the opposite end of the spectrum like Olivares Dulce de Monastrell from Jumilla. Also not fortified, this rich, dark, syrupy red smells of black olives and raisins. It is unusual and exotic and exceptional with dark chocolate-based desserts like the molten cake.

It can be Oloroso from Jerez or Moscato from Asti or Madeira or Port or Sauternes. I’m not biased, I just like to drink something sweet at the end dinner to keep me happy.

A lifetime of Chateau Yquem

A lifetime of Chateau d'Yquem

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