Let’s Have a Kiki.

So I haven’t really felt like writing much lately.  Not because I haven’t had anything to write, but more because what I had to say wasn’t light and airy.

So here it is in its simplest form:

Let’s have a kiki.

Everything I need to function in life I learned from Glee.

Let’s have a kiki.

You may not know or even like the song, but the jest is this:

A kiki is a party for calming all your nerves.

Is that possible?

Life is grand.  I sit here writing on my computer less than 26 hours away from December 1st, and I think to myself what a beautiful world.

For the past few months, that is not exactly how I have felt.

Instead I have been focused on the hurt and the pain and the cruelness of life and those who have been or are hurting.

It may be deep to think about those things, but it doesn’t inspire me to share them with others.

Guess that means I’m getting old?

For sure it does.  Just to prove it, I found  a gray hair today that my husband refused to pull.

So I have sat on my computer for the past few weeks refusing to write because what I wanted to write wasn’t bubbly and festive.

And then, I open a bottle of juice that disagrees with my attitude.

I open a bottle of Iron Horse “Ocean Reserve” Bubbly from Green Valley of Russian River Valley in Sonoma.  A joint project between Iron Horse Winery and National Geographic Magazine, proceeds from every bottle sale go to ocean life preservation and to the protection of  over fishing.

There is so much good in the world.  We can find it if we look for it.

We can find it in wine, in education, in workplaces, in anything if we search deep enough.

Go tell it on the mountain.  Go tell your friends to find a wine with a story.  A wine that is made by someone who cares.  A wine that will restore or renew your faith in the human race.

Let’s have a kiki, and let’s do it with a glass of vino that celebrates people who want to help our world.


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