Let the words flow like wine

Sometimes wine just doesn’t taste as good as you remember it. Make no mistakes, it is the exact same bottle of wine from the same part of your cellar stored at the exact same temperature from the exact year. However, it’s different. It’s not as exciting. It isn’t as tasty. It just isn’t as good.

How many times do I hear this? Why did the wine not taste like it did six months, one year or five years ago?

It goes back to my belief that wine is human. It goes through phases. It goes through stages where it can be more outgoing or less attractive. Think about what you looked like at 17 versus your middle school years.

Wine is like a person. Sometimes it’s very comfortable, sometimes it’s trying very hard to impress its friends. Think about your 50s settled in with those around you versus when you were 26 and new to the neighborhood.

Wine likes food, sometimes it likes certain food more than others. That Silver Oak Napa Cabernet 2001 that was incredible with Buffalo Steak may taste horribly when paired with Shrimp & Mussel Linguine. Think about when you go home to visit the parentals and they serve Chit Beef on Toast versus when they order pizza from your favorite Italian spot. You act differently because you aren’t as content with Chit Beef.

Wine can affect one’s mood yet it can also be affected by one’s mood. That same wine may have tasted so delicious when you were relaxed and enjoying old friends from the hood yet not so good when you were at an uptight business dinner with the boss and un-entertaining clients.

This is the nature of the beast. This is why wine is magical. Wine is human. Wine has soul. Wine lives and breathes just like us.  Try to remember this the next time you’re not feeling so great.  Wine can do the exact same thing.

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