In Vino Veritas

“…and the truth will set you free.”

What is the truth about wine?

I’m not sure if we can answer that question honestly.

Is it made from grapes?

Not always.

Wine can me made from anything that has sugar.  Ever heard of Pineapple Wine from Hawaii?  Or Peach Wine from Georgia?  Or Rhubarb Wine from Vermont?

Wine is expensive.

Not really, unless you consider $3/bottle too much.  I know people who buy cigarettes that cost that much or t-shirts that are 6x that price.

Is wine the devil’s juice?

Well, I certainly don’t think so, but the Koran says, “there is evil in every grape.”

I guess it’s safe to say there are no absolutes in wine.

It can taste differently depending on who you’re with, what you’re eating or where you are (in actual location or in actual life).

Maybe that’s what I love about wine.

I cannot keep track of everything it offers, no matter where I am.

With wine, we are not in control.

We can go into a wine store or restaurant and know exactly what we want because we’ve had it before (same vintage, same grape, same producer, even the same site where it was purchased the last time we drank it).  But….when we open the bottle, it’s completely different than before.

What is the explanation?

Wine is like people.

It has mood swings.  It matures.  It digresses.  It gets mad.

In case you don’t believe me.  Try it.

Try that big, voluptuous Cabernet that you absolutely adore with Pan Roasted Oysters in Chipotle and Sherry.  Or that fabulously spicy Shiraz with Mexican food.  Or your favorite Pinot Grigio from the Veneto with a ripe, blue cheese.

It will be different.  It will taste differently.

Try it.

I dare you.

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  • Ann

    I love this! I did a wine tasting France where the sommelier told us (a group of Americans) “Americans like Coca Cola, it always tastes the same. The French like wine, it’s dynamic, always changing, a surprise in a bottle. You can find one you like at just about any price point and it will taste different depending on…” well, everything you just wrote about. Thanks for sharing!

  • Sandra Livesay

    This is one of my favorites! Inie, you never fail to delight! Just like wine! or Coca-Cola, or even sweet tea!
    I hope you’re submitting your blogs to some wine magazines. I can see this being a column in a very slick wine publication! Poetry to me.