In case you are still confused….

Christmas comes and goes at On the Square, and the new year 2003 brings lots and lots of adventure, craziness, chaos, whatever one might like to call it.

Wedding plans kicked into high gear in anticipation of the April 26th date, and if you thought weddings were normally stressful, just add all of the parents living in the same town with you as well as working with your fiance.

Frances Liverman deserves the Sainthood award of the century for sticking around through all of the yelling and crying and cursing and outright confusion.  We are incredibly blessed she not only stuck around during the drama of family life, but she also has stayed on for 10 solid years of it.

And then the email that changed all of the plans.

One morning in March, I walked into the office to check messages.  There in my inbox was a random “employment opportunity” from a colleague in New York advertising a Wine Director job at a casino to be opened that summer in Atlantic City.  Intrigued, I ran into the kitchen to tell Stephen about the offer. He told me I should respond just to see what it was about so I went back into the office and hit reply.  After that, everything happened so fast, my head spins thinking about it.

The phone rang less than five minutes later asking me when I could come up to interview.  The interview was scheduled for the day after that, and my sister Burton generously offered to drive me up to the Boardwalk Empire.

My interview was with Victor Tiffany, Vice President of Food & Beverage, and it lasted about three hours, ending with an informal meeting with Bob Boughner, the CEO of Borgata (name of the soon to be opened casino).

Burton and I drove home that afternoon getting back into Tarboro late that evening.

The next day when I came into On the Square my inbox had an official offer and contract needing prompt attention from Borgata Casino, Hotel & Spa.

After a long discussion with Stephen, who enthusiastically supported me leaving him for this awesome opportunity, I signed the contract and sealed the deal.  The date of April 27th was set to be my moving date to south Jersey.  Ironically, that day would be the day after our wedding.

Cheers for a happy marriage!


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