I’m a Lover Baby, Why Don’t You Kiss Me?

Tonight at On the Square, our brilliant bartender talked brilliant television to a brilliant couple enjoying dinner before going to a movie.

The television show, Modern Family, was mentioned and given rave reviews so when I got home this evening, I visited www.hulu.com and watched the first two episodes of season two.

The second episode is entitled “The Kiss,” and it illustrates many different scenarios of kissing, being kissed and the definition of a kiss.

Interestingly enough, I couldn’t help but laugh because I am that person who will kiss anybody, including a fool.

Just ask my father.  He has put up with me kissing more than enough fools throughout my lifetime.

But I digress…

I love to kiss and hug.  In fact, I guess you could call me the Columbian wife in Modern Family because I think kissing is human and beautiful and expressive.  I think kissing makes people feel wonderful.  I believe kissing makes the world go ’round.

Now, how does this relate to wine?

Maybe it does, and maybe it doesn’t.

What I know about wine is that when it tastes good, it makes you happy, and when you’re happy, you are glad to be in this world.  That feeling often translates into affection.

There are so many instances I can remember fondly when a friend, a family member or a customer has said this wine is so good, so different, so delicious, they become affectionate.

Maybe the juice congers up great memories.  Maybe it makes the dinner taste better.  Maybe it helps their company become funnier or more attractive.  I cannot tell you why or what happens to make the sipper want to kiss, but more often than not, when people leave the restaurant or our home after a fantastic bottle or glass of wine, a kiss follows them out the door.

One of my favorite parts about this particular episode of Modern Family is when the mother tells the daughter about being driven home in a police car half naked after being caught in the swimming pool with a boy.  The mother proceeds to tell the daughter she is thankful that it happened because it makes a great story at dinner parties.

Besides a kiss, I love a great story.

In fact, I don’t know what I love more:  to tell a great story or to hear one.

Or to kiss or be kissed.

Kissing is good.  Kissing makes people feel special.  Just like smiling at someone, do not underestimate how wonderful a kiss can make someone or someones feel.

Tonight, when I left the restaurant to go home and eat my gnocchi, I kissed my sweet husband good-bye.

I drove home, and when I got there, I walked in the back door of our house and I kissed Marina, our beautiful baby-sitter who makes sure my children are so loved and provided for every second that I am away from home.

When she left, I tiptoed to Cynthia and Stephen’s beds and kissed them all over their faces.

Are you tired yet?

I then grabbed my glass of wine and watched Modern Family, chuckling the entire time.

Be afraid that you haven’t kissed those you love enough.

Wine is wonderful, but kissing your loved ones is better.

That’s right.

I said it.

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  • Sandra Livesay

    Inie– you go from a kiss to wine back to a kiss with such ease! “A kiss is still a kiss!”

  • scott

    You can kiss this fool anytime kid!