Hedonism in the form of Wine & Food.

I’ll be completely honest.  If I don’t get to travel to New York City at least once during the year, I am completely depressed.

Tarboro is my favorite town on the planet, but Manhattan is my favorite city.

Tarboro is my loving husband (where I want to be forever and always) and New York is my wonderful dream (the place where I go to be super happy but can always leave at the blink of an eye).

This past weekend I traveled north for La Paulee, an event dedicated to the great wines of Burgundy and all of the lovers it has collected over the years.

Hedonistic doesn’t even begin to describe it.

Rare wine from exquisite vintages that cost more than my house paired with food from the greatest chefs of New York and France, the weekend is truly unbelievable.

This year’s La Paulee was especially special because this was the first time I was given the amazing opportunity to work the Rare Wine Dinner hosted on the Friday evening before the Paulee.

Just in case you’re wondering how rare, the price per person is $4750.00 + tax.  A mere drop in the bucket, my nerves were pretty torn up just thinking about being there as a sommeleir.

Held at Restaurant Daniel on the upper East side, the dinner was prepared by not only Daniel Boulud and his incredible crew but also Michel Troisgros and his amazing chefs.

Not to bore you with words, I thought it would be much more entertaining to see photographs of some of the most beautiful food I have ever seen.

In case you are wondering was it worth it, I am assuming it is if you have it.

Cheers to Tarboro where our wine dinners are only $85 ++.

Panna Fritta a la Truffe

Beet Cured Hamachi with Horseradish & Shiso Cream

Meyer Lemon Pomponette with Ossettra & Caviar Lime ala DB

Foie Gras Mousse in Port Gelee & Brioche ala DB

Some type of Chestnut puree dusted with Black Truffles that made my heart stop via MT

Cream of Parsley Stuffed Chicken Wing, Cray Fish & Cockscomb ala DB--Cream of Parsley had not yet been poured tableside--when guests are paying that kind of money, I cannot take a photograph of the dish over their shoulder--may fly at OTS but not at DB

Monkfish Barberry ala MT

Lobster Civet with Red Berries ala MT

Shoulder of Veal Stuffed with Mushrooms, Root Gratin with Reblochon ala DB

Smoked Pigeon Mid-Salmi, Toast with Foie Gras, Mushrooms & Black Truffle ala DB

Raspberry-Cream Cheese Vacherin, Gel Berry, Yogurt Meringue

Wines of Domaine Leflaive

Sommeliers at the DRC Table

Happy Days!

What I Had for Dinner and Dessert!

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  • Deborah Sperati

    Wow! Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us. What an honor to be invited! We are all so proud of the amazing things you continue to accomplish.

  • It was absolutely amazing. So great getting to talk to you today. Happy Easter!

  • Julie holderness

    Ah,Ah,Ah…….Amazing, Lucky you! Julie