Food, Family & Wine

During these hectic times of being a mother, a daughter and a wife, I thank the Lord for dinner time, where I get to sit down, eat a delicious meal, sip amazing wine and visit with my children, my husband, my parents, my siblings, my friends or all of the above.

It’s a relief to be able to enjoy the simple things, nourishment and company. Whether it be my husband who always begins with Cava no matter what or my dad who loves a vodka-tonic before moving straight to red, we all find that small window of relaxation where the conversation flows and so does the wine.

Whether it be kvetching about the customers who annoyed us at work earlier or times past where we all enjoyed a family vacation,  it is always entertaining to be around friends and family while enjoying the nectar of the gods.  Conversation is just better when food and wine are at the center.  If you don’t agree, we probably wouldn’t get along very well.

Last night, while the Yankees started Game 4 of the play-offs and my husband cemented himself in front of the television, my children ran around the house in their Yankee pajamas.  My wonderful parents and mother-in-law stood in the kitchen drinking left-over wine from the restaurant while I deep fried chicken wings in a massive cast-iron skillet.  It was the perfect evening, and the menu was beyond simple.  Celery, blue cheese dressing, barbecue sauce and any wine that was open.  We drank De Morgenzon Chenin Blanc 2006 from South Africa, Tilia Malbec 2007 from Mendoza, Segura Viduas Cava NV from Spain and No Sauvignon Blanc 2007 from California along with the rest of the Petite Rousse from the night before…see Blog “What to do in the 11th Inning?”

No wine notes were given, no wine was contemplated, no cloth napkins were issued, no china plates were used and none of us were dressed up.  We were just enjoying the natural, pure gifts of life:  food, wine & conversation.  Praise the Lord for that!

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