Drinking through the Pfalz

Wow!  The more I learn about Germany and its wine laws, the more aware I am that I am going to have to change my entire outline for the German class I teach at ECU.

German wine law has completely changed, and in great thanks to the VDP, I think I will have to commit the rest of my wine career to understanding all of the laws and legalities of German wine labels.

Today’s big thang:  Grosses Gewachs.

If I tried to give you even the briefest recap of all of the conversation our group of Americans debated, I mean enjoyed, with the winemakers, you would stop reading immediately.  You may even ban my blog from your list of where to click when you’re completely bored.

However, I will say, it is a very real development occurring in Germany right now among the VDP (with the exception of the Mosel), and the jest of it is this: “GG” on a label indicates Grosses Gewachs, and Grosses Gewachs symbolizes the best dry wine of the winery.

Tuesday, as per usual as all of the other previous days, was go-go-go with no slowing down whatsoever.

I will have to say my morning was made truly glorious when our first weingut of the day greeted us with Sekt, the bubbly of Germany.

Weingut Rebholz, located in Weinstrasse, served us glasses of 2006 Sparkling Pinot Noir.  Incredible juice with incredible bubbles.

As you may realize, I am just posting this blog even though it was written almost a week ago.  Therefore, I will just let you enjoy the pictures of the day since I was slack in my journal keeping.


Soil Types in the Pfalz

Tasting the Juice

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