Compliments to the Chef

Because this is one of the funniest things I heard this week, I thought I would share a short scenario of how funny children can be.

My daughter Cynthia and her beautiful cousin Shelton love to play pretend restaurant.

On Sunday night, they became even more innovative with their imaginations and placed a mailbox on the table asking all of our family sitting in the kitchen to fill out comment cards.

My brother, being the hilarious person he is, decided to mix it up a bit and write a complaint rather than a compliment.  His words were the following:  “Eggs slightly runny, server didn’t pay him any attention and the corkage fee was too high.”

Cynthia read the note with the help of my sister-in-law, and upon realizing she wasn’t receiving any high compliments, she proceeded to rip the paper in shreds and yell at my brother for not playing right.

If only that were the real world.

The scenario became one I will never forget five minutes later.  After recovering from being very angry at her uncle, she revisited his chair to ask him how was he enjoying his steak.

He told her in a very serious tone that he had ordered it medium-rare, but it came well-done.

Cynthia assessed the situation and ran over to Shelton, yelling with glee, “Shelton, we just received another compliment.”

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