Champagne–let it bubble over in 18 weeks

To my friends and supporters and wine lovers,

It has now come to my attention that there are 18 short weeks until I sit for the Master Sommelier exam, where I pray I will pass my service and tasting exams to earn the Master Sommelier title.

Back in the saddle, and ready to get my wine on, I have started my weekly emails with my fellow tester in the Chapel Hill area.  He proposed we start with Champagne, and I could not be happier.

As part of this weekly study session, we pick a region or a subject and we send questions (approximately 15-20) to help prepare for any challenges that may come our way.

In case there are any readers who really want to geek out on wine, I share these questions in your honor.

So let it pop:

  1. Who makes Noble Cuvee? 
  2. Name two premier crus in the Cote des Blancs.
  3. What are the only 2 premier crus in Champange with a 99% rating?
  4. What is the Special Club?
  5. When did the Special Club originate? 
  6. Name three of its original members. 
  7. What percentage of grapes must originate from the producer’s own vineyards to have RM on the label?
  8. What is the sweetness range, in grams per liter, of Extra Dry Champagne?
  9. List the grand crus of Montagne de Reims from north to south.
  10. What is deblocage?
  11. Gran Cordon is the tete de cuvee of what house? 
  12. Mailly is a grand cru in what region? 
  13. What is rebeche?
  14. What are the letters on a bottle of champagne that indicate the producer made and marketed the Champagne in conjunction with a Co-Operative?
  15. Name the Krug bottling made from 100% Pinot Noir. 
  16. What is degorgement a la volee?
  17. Name the tete de cuvees of the following houses:
  • Gosset
  • Duval Leroy
  • Veuve de Fournay
  • Billecart Salmon

I know this may be a little extreme, but we’re in the short rows here, and extreme is all I got. 

Cheers to making sure I have all of these answers in my back pocket come February.

Bubble or nothing.

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  • Meredith Bourne

    Good luck Inie! Wish I could help you / if u need to escape to a quiet bedroom to study, come on over to Alstons / he would love to share while he is gone! Mcb

  • Michael

    O-kay… so the answers are??