Ball des Weines

As if it were like any other Saturday night in my life (NOT!), the Wines of Germany included us in a most extravagant wine ball held at the Kurhaus Wiesbaden, a short walk from our hotel.

To call it fancy is an understatement, and my only regret of the night was not bringing my phone to photograph the dresses, the wines and the incredible venue.  For a small glimpse at where the ball was held, please visit

If I can convince my new best friend Steven Solomon to email me some of his photographs, I will post them so everyone can see the beauty of the evening.

The invitation encouraged the ladies to wear long dresses, a habit I am even less used to than going to glamorous balls.  Because I had one long item in my closet from 1999, I bucked the system, and along with my American counterparts, wore short.  I’m not sure anyone noticed with all of the delicious Sekt being poured, but I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all of the gorgeous Wine Princesses (all 13 of them) in their evening gowns.

In one ball room, there was an orchestra playing while many waltzed the waltz, and in another ball room across the hall, a DJ played fun dance music in a lounge-like setting.  In the main corridor, wines flowed freely along with oysters on the half shell and other whimsical delights.  It was an amazing amount to take in, and even now, I know for a fact I didn’t capture it all.

When Mariya told me it was 12:30, I could hardly believe it, and we finished our bubbly so we could run home to sleep in order to be ready for our jam-packed Sunday.

Many of our cohorts stayed until 5 a.m.  Am I jealous?  Maybe.  But I’m not tired so I guess there’s the balance.


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