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I’ve been talking so much about the wines of North Carolina that I have almost neglected the other wonderful beverage I also love to drink.   Beer, beer, beer.  A beverage I honestly crave at lunch time, in the afternoon and after a long, eventful night.  There is something about drinking a cold beer that makes my mind race and my spirit soar.  It is a hedonistic libation in its own right.

Now, On the Square has always offered a beer from our home state, since the beginning in 2002 when we opened.  Thanks to one of Tarboro’s sons, Robert Poitras, owner of Carolina Brewery in Chapel Hill and in Pittsboro, we have had the special privilege of having the Golden Ale and the Amber on tap.  Completely complex and super refreshing, we find these beers to be part of the On the Square family since they have strong roots to Tarboro.  If you haven’t had a chance to taste these special beers, come by and have a pint or check out the Carolina Brewery at one of its two locations.  For more information, check out

In regards to bottles, North Carolina has many great breweries in its midst.  From Highland Brewing Company in Asheville to Duck Rabbit in Farmville, our state is stellar in producing all types of beers like indian pale ales to oatmeal porters and milk stoudts.  There’s even a brewery opening in Durham making beer from sweet potatoes and scuppernong grapes. 

Recently, Mother Earth Brewing Company opened in Kinston, and On the Square is basquing in the glory of its Endless River and its Weeping Willow Wit.  Right now, as I write, I am double fisting these two beers with Grilled Tuna topped with a Ginger-Scallion Salad and Wasabe Cream.  It is a food and beer combo made in heaven.  Still not sure what is the better beer to drink…they both do an excellent job of highlighting the Asian flavors and complementing the fattiness of the tuna.  I encourage everyone reading this to find a way to experience the beers of Mother Earth.  If you can enjoy them at On the Square, we would love that.  If not, find a way to get to the brewery in Kinston.  For more information about these superstar beers, go to

Drink a beer today and everyday, and if possible, drink a beer from North Carolina!

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