A Year in Wine

So, it’s really hard to believe it’s been over a year since I started blogging in my mission for therapy, study and documentation.

In that year, a lot has happened.

My family moved into our “forever” house.

I traveled to California to sit for the Master Sommelier, and sat unsuccessfully.

My studies continued because I was fortunate enough to win the southeast regional Top Sommelier competition in Palm Beach so that I got to go back to Cali and continue the wine momentum.

Somewhere, in all of this, my daughter told me she hated wine, but no worries, after a very stern talking-to, she has apologized and promised me she will never utter those horrible words again.

Our three-year-old son has discovered Cava.

On the Square is still open, and 2010 marked our eighth birthday as well as the year of hosting the most wine dinners.  Italy, Spain, South America, it was a whirlwind wine tour.

Life is pretty good, and it keeps getting better.

The path to all-things natural is breaking through not just in food, but in beverage as well.  The local craze has hit every part of the beverage industry, and I am as proud as ever to be in this glorious business.

Drinking keeps me going.  It keeps my interest peaked and my palate wet.

The blogging is an added bonus.

As the world continues to obsess about politics and the economy, I write about cocktails, beer and wine.

It seems a little hedonistic, but I’m pretty sure I’ve been called worse.

Cheers to more wine and words and cheers to another year of life!

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